Why We're Different...

1. Help others have a better period

By buying this set of reusable sanitary pads, you will be helping a refugee to have a better period. You will also be helping to fund menstrual health programmes for school girls in West Africa.

We are a not-for-profit social business. All our profits go to funding emergency sanitary kits for refugees and running menstrual health programmes. By purchasing your sanitary pads from us, you are helping women and girls around the world to have a better period. Plus, you get outstanding pads at an affordable price!

A better period

2. Made from Recycled materials

Recycled materials

Disposable sanitary products use literally tonnes of plastic. Tampons come wrapped in plastic, with plastic applicators, with plastic strings and some even use plastic inside the absorbant materials. Some disposable sanitary pads are made of up to 90% plastic!

We want to help you reduce single use plastic. Our reusable pads can be used over and over again which drastically reduces waste. Plus, we don’t use any virgin plastic in our pads – we only use recycled PUL for the thin outside waterproof membrane.

3. A Sustainable Project

We’re trying to create a sustainable movement to help women in need to have a better period. We’re not reliant on donations or fundraising. By selling our reusable pads to you, we can provide emergency sanitary products to women and girls living in refugee camps. Plus, we’re also able to provide menstrual health sessions in West Africa for schools.

We also sell our packs of reusable sanitary pads at our cost price in low-income countries. This means that women and girls in those countries get our discreet, long-lasting, and comfortable pads at an outstanding price.


4. Ethical - Fair for all

Ethical for all

We have strict sourcing requirements for our sanitary pads. We require all our suppliers to adhere to the Fair Labor Association’s Code of Conduct and we audit each of our suppliers annually at a minimum. We also offset all the CO2 emissions from transporting our reusable sanitary pads.

Within each pack of sanitary pads, there are written usage and washing instructions in English, but also a simple pictorial guide so the pads are accessible for users who do not speak English or cannot read.

Our goal is to make sanitary pads affordable and accessible to all.