Work With Us

Are you an NGO working on the ground in a low-income country? We believe strongly in sustainability. We’re looking for partners to help us get pads to women and girls in need. Together, we can set up a network of women to sell reusable sanitary pads within their communities, at a rock bottom price while creating employment opportunities for women.

We will sell our pads to you in small quantities at our cost price which you can then sell to local women to sell within their community. This means the women purchase the pads at an incredibly low price by benefitting from our large buying power. They can then resell the pads at a low price to other women and girls in their community, while making a small profit for themselves.

In addition to this, we will work with you to provide menstrual health education sessions in your country.

Please note, the NGO will be responsible for managing the import of our pads and paying any import duties and taxes. In return, they will be obligated to sell the pads at your cost price to local women to resell in their communities. We can offer payment plans for small NGOs.

If you would be interested in working with us, please contact us using the form below: