This programme is only open to charities, non-profits and NGOs.

Recommend our pads and we’ll donate free pads to your cause

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For each set of pads they order using your code, we will donate one free pack of pads to your organisation to distribute to people in need of period products.

And, the people you refer to Trade To Aid will get a 5% discount off their purchases.

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Benefits for your charity, non-profit or NGO…

Free Sanitary Pads

Your organisation receives one pack of pads for every pack sold via your unique referral code. Your pads must be donated to those in need of period products.

5% Discount for your supporters

Your supporters get 5% off every purchase of our reusable sanitary pads via our website!


All our profits are used to fund programmes helping others to have better periods. This includes menstrual hygiene classes, free pad making workshops and distributing free period products.

Why promote our pads to your supporters?

  1. Receive free reusable pads to distribute to people in need.
  2. You’re helping to fund additional good – all our profits go to programmes to help others have a better period.
  3. Build goodwill with your supporters by providing them with a discount on an outstanding product that they’ll use every month for years and years.

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Photos: Trade To Aid funded pad making training in Ghana 2024, photos taken by Samuel Dzomeku.
Icons: Sanitary pad icons created by Mariia Lov – Flaticon, Sale icons created by Freepik – Flaticon, Period icons created by Freepik – Flaticon