Our Mission: To End Period Poverty

End Period Poverty

Our mission is to alleviate period poverty around the globe.

  • No child missing school because of their period.
  • No woman missing work because of their period.
  • No girls or women banished to separate huts or outhouses when on their period.
  • Alleviating the taboo of periods and myths surrounding period products.
  • Providing menstrual hygiene education.
  • Providing education for men and women to better understand what periods are and why they happen.
  • Facilitating easy, low-cost access to sustainable period products.

Emergency Kits for Refugees

We provide women and girls in refugee camps with sanitary products to support them on their periods.

For every pack of pads you buy from Trade To Aid, we give a free pack to someone in need in a refugee camp. 

Menstrual Health Programmes

We support menstrual education programmes for young people in West Africa.

A significant barrier to the use of menstrual products is the taboos and myths attached to them. We’re working to combat these falsehoods, meaning girls can stay in school and women can work.

We use our products to fund menstrual education programmes in West Africa for school children – girls and boys. We’re improving awareness of what periods are and trying to eliminate the taboos and stigma.

We work with NGOs on the ground in West Africa to distribute our reusable pads at our cost price. This means these women and girls can access our high quality, long-lasting products at a very low price.

It also makes the initiative sustainable and scalable. We don’t need to rely on donations or public funding – we just need you to support us by using our reusable pads. 

Period products can be much more expensive in remote parts of the world than they are in the UK. This means that our reusable pads are even better value and save even more money.

Most importantly, we are a non-profit social business and we use our profits to provide menstrual education in schools for both girls and boys.

Menstrual Education

It’s Time to End Period Poverty, Period

We understand that words and good intentions alone are not enough to change the stigma and a long-standing culture of shame surrounding periods and menstruation.

This is something we must do together. 

Trade To Aid is working with menstrual education programmes in West Africa to help end this – but we want you to be a part of this too.

Together, we can make a long-lasting contribution to ending period poverty – and with the work of thousands of other dedicated charities and NGOs around the world – we can end period poverty.

Women and girls around the world have worked tirelessly to liberate their rights and seize ownership of their bodies – their destinies and their potential – and live the life that they have always deserved.

Ending menstrual stigma and period poverty is another piece of the puzzle that we can put in place, and we’re at our strongest when we work to do this together.